no flash
direct flash
bare SB-600 forward
bare SB-600 pointed up
w/ lightsphere pointed up
bare sb-600, pointed at 45degree angle
w/ lightsphere pointed at 45degree angle
My SB-600 from Adorama came in today with the Gary Fong Lightsphere 2, and above are some test shots.   All settings were the same – f/4.2, 1/60, 55mm, SB-600 flash compensation was at -0.7.  The lightsphere, I didn’t think made that that much of a big difference, especially when there were white walls around me to bounce the flash off of.  It does make it a little more softer, but I’m not sure if it’s worth $40.   Maybe I’ll need it more when there aren’t any walls for flash bouncing.  I’ll work on familiarizing myself more with the SB-600  in the coming weeks.    I haven’t had much time to play around with my camera and gear lately because I’ve been taking work home with me (big deadline coming up) and house-shopping.  Anyway – goal this week is to shoot at least once and post at least once more before the weekend is over!

3 Responses to “SB-600!”

  1. I rarely turn the power down on the Light Sphere, usually only when doing macro shots. I like the Light Sphere when I want to soften the light and get a more ambient light feel. I think it works well with portraits.
    The 600 is a great flash especially when combined with TTL. I think you need to adjust the white balance a little on the flash shots because they look a little blue.
    I’ve got to say, though, that your choice of subjects is fabulous and that little guy looks pretty darn cute no matter how you shoot him. The natural light one with its warm feel is my favourite.

  2. thanks! i originally had the white balance set on flash, which was much nicer, but i thought i’d set it to auto instead to get a consistent setting between the seven shots to see the differences. they were shot in raw, only because i forgot to switch that setting. no retouching or sharpening done (which would probably have been nice because my little guy scratched himself badly a couple days ago) – just downloaded, converted to jpeg and uploaded.

    btw, burstmode – how often do you the lightsphere and under what conditions?

  3. I use the Light Sphere with macros and portraits. With portraits especially, it softens the light and gives the appearance of using more than one light.

    I don’t use it too often in my work which often takes me into large parking garages. Also, I don’t use it in large auditoriums or gyms.

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