_20090320_6552, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

It has been well over a month since I last posted, and it hasn’t been because I havent been taking any pictures, it’s because I currently dont have my lightroom with me.

Anywho, above is one of the most recent pictures I’ve taken (from last week), right before Caleb caught a fever/cold. He’s a lot better now and back to his old smiling, happy self. He now has four teeth which he uses pretty well to bite into bananas, pears, and his parents’ arms, legs, cheeks, whatever he can get into. The picture was shot in our living room, aperture priority, with an SB600 pointed towards the ceiling. I used the old 28-105 AF Nikkor, which I am now liking a lot better than the newer 18-105 AF NIkkor DX. The pictures just look crisper (or more crisp?). Post-processing was through photoshop cs2, and nothing was adjusted except for the crop.


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