Party Invitations

By LogisticalWin

April 23, 2009

Category: babies, shoots & practice

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main-20, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

The little man’s first birthday party is coming up soon (a month away) and we thought it’d be nice to send everyone picture card invitations. I wanted to do the shoot outside, but he’s had a cold for the longest time and DC weather hasn’t been cooperating and we needed to send out the invitations ASAP. I put it off as long as possible, then one day Jason came home with a baby tux. I just couldn’t resist. We dressed him in it, despite the fact that we didn’t have any black dress shoes for him and just became paparazzi parents. We put the pictures on facebook and polled everyone which of the top 4 shots they would like to see in their mailbox or inbox (from evite).

The photo above wasn’t in the original pick, but we still love it. It was taken with a D90, indoors with an SB-600, 62mm at f/4.5. Shutter speed was at 1/60.  Lens was 18-105mm (DX) VR.

The rest of the pictures can be seen in Caleb’s set on Flickr.


One Response to “Party Invitations”

  1. Wow, great job on the skin!

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