Baby/Kids Portraits

By LogisticalWin

May 1, 2009

Category: thoughts

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baby_0425-1-2, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

I’ve been taking lots of kids/babies and family portraits lately. I think they’re a challenge beyond composition and right timing. Kids, of course, have to be in the right attitude, well fed, and energetic, but not too energetic. Anyway, one thing i learned best about shooting kids and babies is to constantly shoot away. keep your finger on the release shutter button. it’s easy to miss a smile, or a kiss to their mom or sibling that they rarely give, yet somehow did during your photo-shoot.

The picture above was taken with the Nkkor 80-400 on my D90 at 80mm (which would be 120mm on my sensor). Outdoors, obviously, in the shade at a nearby park. F5/5.6 at 1/125th. She was running around for a bit, but stopped and started clapping in response to her mother’s praise.

I’m so glad the sun is finally out. It’s perfect for outdoor portrait photography.


One Response to “Baby/Kids Portraits”

  1. That is a tough lens to handhold.

    It is a wonderful photo and very cute. You are right about kid photos…

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