What Happens In Vegas….

By LogisticalWin

May 13, 2009

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vegas_may2009-1-2, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

Went on a business trip last weekend to Las Vegas, and during our downtime (after 5pm), we headed to the Bellagio’s Buffet. I’ve gotta say, best… buffet… ever. Anyway, as we were driving down the strip, I was able to snap a couple pictures and above was one of them. Being inside a moving car didn’t really give me an opportunity to move around freely and find the right angle, but somehow it worked out.

With Jason driving about 30mph, I caught Paris’ Eiffel Tower. I really got lucky as I didn’t use burst to take it. This was a single shot. You can see the inside of my side of the car’s door on the upper left side. I decided to leave it because I thought it told a story, and any more cropping, the composition would be awkward. I used the Tokina 11-16 attached to my lovely D90, at 13mm (didn’t notice any distortion at this length). Aperture was at f/9 and shutter speed was at 1/40. ISO at 200, no flash, and Manual mode. I usually use Apperture Priority setting, but I didn’t want the shutter speed to freeze the people on the street. I probably should’ve gone a little bit slower, but i’m afraid any slower would have blurred the tower even more.

Color and lighting were adjusted in lightroom. Adjusted the exposure a little bit (+), the blacks, contrast, and clarity. Saturation was adjusted under HSL, and separately adjusted the sky’s brightness, saturation, clarity, and contrast.

As nice as the composition of this photograph is, lightroom really brought it to life.


One Response to “What Happens In Vegas….”

  1. That IS a fantastic photo! I was in Vegas last week too.

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