Michelle & Kelsey Engagement Photoshoot

By LogisticalWin

June 11, 2009

Category: engagement, thoughts

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engagement-16, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

A few weeks ago, I shot Michelle & Kelsey’s engagement photos in DC around the National Gallery of Art. It was such a great experience and although it was a little damp outside, it was actually great because the place wasn’t as crowded as usual. Michelle and Kelsey were so great to work with and are so in love with each other – as their photos show. Having done mainly family photos, it was interesting and a great learning experience to do engagement pictures. It’s uplifting too seeing a young couple very much in love getting ready to take the big leap.

Anyway, the above photo is from inside the National Gallery of Art. Shot with my ultra-wide Tokina 11-16, on my D90, at 11m, f/6.3, and 1/60th of a second. Used my SB-600 (bare, no lightsphere) pointed to my right. The way the light just bounces off of the walls in that room was a little challenging to work with, but at the right angle, it is sweet. I adjusted the photo in lightroom a bit – clarity and vignetting.

The rest of the photos can be found HERE.


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