By LogisticalWin

June 14, 2009

Category: thoughts

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20070718_richmond-2, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

I’m currently on business travel and the lucky little city chosen to be blessed by our team’s presense is Charleston, WV. I stayed at a hotel last night on Kanawha Blvd, which, in my humble opinion, sounds more like a street from Hawaii than one in West Virginia.. Ironically, the picture above of Kanawha Plaza is not from Charleston West Virginia or anywhere in Hawaii. This photo was from July 2007 taken in Richmond, Virginia, while I was on another business trip. Trippy (pun intended), huh?

Photo was taken with my old (now just about dead) sony point and shoot (dsc-w70). I remember taking this picture like it was last week (and not yesterday because I don’t remember EVERYTHING). I was walking around Richmond with the purpose of taking photos, and I found this interesting looking stone… I got down real low to the (not so clean) ground to get this shot. I adjusted the cameras settings a few times too… Eventually it was taken without flash…   The EXIF data says it was taken at f/2.8 at 1/100 with the focal length of 6.3mm.  I recently adjusted the colors, clarity, and contrast a bit on LR and voilà.


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