Thank You Cards

caleb-1, originally uploaded by roanne0012.

The 1st Birthday is done and I just sent out the first batch of thank you cards out and am working on the second batch. The first batch were the people whose mailing addresses I already had, and the second were the ones whose mailing addresses I recently acquired. We used the above picture for the thank you cards – to me, it just says “Thank You.” He’s kind of raising his hand, smiling, as if to say, thank you for an awesome time at my first birthday (party). Really, tho, his card read “Thank you for making my 1st Birthday Memorable”…

The picture was taken with the Tokina 11-16 (been using that a lot lately) on my D90 at f/4, 14mm and 1/500 shutter speed. It was taken in the alley next to the Holocaust Museum in DC. We had just finished walking around the museum the day after Caleb’s party and needed a breather to change his diaper and wait for my mom finish the exhibit. We had him sit on the bench and I thought the red building would make a pretty interesting backdrop. He was trying to reach for me and grab my camera while I was taking the picture. I did back away in time to save my lens a slapping from the little one. =)


One Response to “Thank You Cards”

  1. awwww…that is a wonderful photo. The tokina is a wonderful lens but you framed this well and captured a moment.

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