First Haircut

By LogisticalWin

June 22, 2009

Category: thoughts

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It is widely accepted and virtually customary in the Filipino Culture for babies to not have their hair-cut until their first birthday. We sort of used that as an excuse to hold on to his beautiful mane for as long as possible. But we knew, we had to get his hair cut.

Jason and I took him to Cartoon Cuts at the nearby mall. They had a stylist ready and she took us to the chair. She had him seated on a booster chair and buckled the optional “seat belt” around his waist. At first we felt a little cheesy taking pictures of our son’s first haircut at such a public place, but Jason realized as Caleb was settled in the chair that it was a very important moment. I asked the stylist if I could take pictures, and she didn’t make us feel cheesy for asking at all. She said, “oh sure! Sure!”

The above photo was during the latter part of his haircut. The stylist was checking for length and evenness, I think. I think Caleb was running out of patience at this point. The whole process was an emotional roller coaster for him, I think. There were times he was really happy and excited, and other times he needed some distraction, like holding on to that hair clip, and a few times when he was just downright over with it. It has been said that a picture = 1,000 words and i think this one might be a bit more than that.

Photo was taken with the Tokina 11-16 on a Nikon D90 at 16mm. F/3.5 at 1/60th with exposure compensation at +0.3. Added a little bit of fill flash during post processing, adjusted clarity and brought the colors out a bit more.

What a fun day! Oh, and Cartoon Cuts gave him a certificate of First Haircut and a lock of his hair in a little tiny resealable bag.


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