G&C Engagement Photo-Shoot

By LogisticalWin

July 1, 2009

Category: engagement, thoughts

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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with Grace and Cisco on their engagement pictures. It was great, they’re both very laid back, which I like and open to suggestions and ideas.

I was having a hard time getting the D90 (with 50mm lens) on focusing on the right area, so I ended up shooting a lot of the pictures without the autofocus. And I also found that the aperture priority setting was overexposing some shots, so I ended up shooting in Manual Mode too.

The above picture was shot at F/3.5, 1/100, no flash, and developed in Lightroom – added vignetting and used the antique grayscale preset. I’ve been finding those presets very useful lately. Instead of going through the long painstaking process of editing them one by one, I can batch edit, look it over and see which ones need minor adjustments. And with the presets, you really only need to take a couple, if any, adjustments from there.

My workflow is getting better now too, which means I’ll have more time mastering the craft of actual photography rather than messing with Lightroom and trying to catch up with photos taken weeks ago.

The rest of the pictures, so far, are posted here or at http://www.ronajobe.com (soon).


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