By LogisticalWin

July 15, 2009

Category: thoughts

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I was still waiting for the baby and the hubby to finish their dinner while I was still sitting at the table, so I took the D90 out and tried the macro setting on the old 28-105mm (f/3.5 – f/4.5).

We had meatloaf, rice and steamed green beans for dinner.  You can still see the remnants of ketchup on my plate in the background, and if you look far enough, the ketchup bottle beyond the glass.

Photo was taken at 70mm at f/5.6.  No flash, but exposure compensation was set at +0.38.  The D90 is a great camera, but a lot of times, the AF doesn’t agree with me.  I try switching it around at times, but sometimes I end up shooting manual.  I did get lucky with this one and it was shot with the AF on, although it took a few tries.  It was adjusted it lightroom afterwards: increased exposure, added fill light, increased blacks, clarity, vibrance, and decreased saturation a bit.  Also added a bit of vignetting.


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