Sisters Forever

I had such an awesome time this morning taking pictures of two fun little girls.  Like their parents, they were very sweet, friendly, and just great with each other.  O is the older sister and J is the younger sister.  About two and a half years apart, I can see the chemistry between the two, despite their difference in age and personalities.  O is a great example and very patient with her sister, and J listens quite well and I can see she looks up to O.

The photos were taken mainly in the shade this morning in and by the Theodore Roosevelt Island in Arlington, VA – off the George Washington Parkway.  The challenge with taking pictures in that area is there are a lot of runners and bicyclists.  And although most of them let you know they’re coming, it really only takes one reckless, or perhaps absent-minded/in-a-daze biker to get too close or come crashing into you.  We had our own little close call with one of the bicyclists.  Other than that, the view, the setting, everything was great and just gorgeous.

The above photo was taken on one of the paths inside Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Taken with my 28-105mm on a D90 at 46mm.  Aperture is at f/6.3, 1/140 sec, no flash and on AP setting.  Imported and adjusted in lightroom – cropped, increased clarity, color, added vignetting, increased blacks, adjusted saturation on some colors, and voila.

The rest of the sampler pictures are HERE.  I will add more this week.



One Response to “Sisters Forever”

  1. These are very nice…I love that you captured the beauty and innocence of them.

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