The Road…

On my birthday (the ripe age of 25), the hubby fulfilled my dream of owning my first DSLR, and my passion for photography took a steep curve.

At 16, I discovered an old SLR camera at home and started taking pictures with it and discovered that the right lens focus (tho manual at the time) is an amazing thing.  Sadly tho, my allowance could not afford processing fees and camera gear…  Constant practice was not on my mind, but I still managed to take pictures of some pretty yellow roses from the rose bushes in front of my parents ranch-style house.

At 20, I received my first digital camera (point and shoot, canon powershot sd110) as a gift – i took pictures of everything.  I even went through this phase where i shot almost every beverage I drank or was about to drink from the top.  I tried shooting in different angles, perspectives, and different places.  I took pictures of any event I can – for documentative purposes and sheer pleasure.  I overused the camera, and after I was done with it, it had scratches and rough marks everywhere.

After my canon powershot died, I used my parent’s canon sd550, and shortly after, my then-bf-hubby gave me a sony dsc-w70 for my 22nd birthday.  One thing that I learned from my last camera was to take better care of it.  And fortunately enough, the camera was given to me with a case =) I’m guessing because he felt bad for my last one.  It was with this camera that I learned the value of the scene modes, iso, slow-sync flash, no flash, nighttime photography.  I took a ton of pictures of food with this camera – the macro setting on it was not bad at all.  After two years, I felt I outgrew the camera and longed for a DSLR. I searched high and low (for months) and decided a Nikon D80 was what I needed,  but when it was time to buy it – other important priorities came up. One may think, what could be more important than your “passion”?  Well, starting a family.  We were pregnant with our first baby.  I will say tho, that I was secretly hoping for a D80 as a push present.  But instead I got a car (yeah, poor me, i know).  The car was a necessity since my last one was totaled in a car accident while I was 8 months pregnant.  Anyway, I digress.

So here we are, December of 2008 – with a Nikon D90, and loads of information before me on photography, workflow, gear, software, etc.  Every moment I can between a full time job, a baby, and the works, I squeeze in as much research and practice (pretty much just learning) as I can.  I’m a total DLSR noob, with some experience in taking pictures, photoshop, and “studying”.  This will be one interesting ride….


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